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At a time when there was still no road, the founders acquired lands near the hillside of the Chapada do Araripe. As they discovered the beauties of the surroundings there was a desire that something could be done that more people could also experience.
It would be something for tourism and thus they decided to create an ecological, themed and aquatic park. Ecological because it is a private reserve of natural heritage and we are committed to preserving this area. Thematically because in the Cretaceous period this region was sea and in the Chapada lived the pterosaurs, represented by the logo of the park and Aquatic by the swimming pools, water slides and aquatic toys constructed to give more fun, in a region that is hot all year.
Thus arose the Arajara Park, inaugurated on April 21, 2002 and recognized as one of the most famous attractions of the tourist destination of Cariri.


The founders of Arajara Park knowingly
developed the park to complement leisure
quality with the contact with nature.
In addition to the water slides and pools,
kept on thinking about safety and fun, there are
gardens, carefully planted, emphasizing the
beauty of architecture and the Chapada do Araripe.


Arajara Park preserves most of its green space and species preservation, such as the Araripe Soldier, a species of native bird, endangered, discovered and preserved in Arajara Park.

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